Label, Music Productions and Distribution


Label- Musikproduktion und Vertrieb

Myricae Classics was founded in 2015 in the cultural hot spot of Berlin. It offers the complete range of services for the production of CDs and DVDs (support for the artists, realization of studio recordings, sound engineering, media design, release and PR).

The label name "Myrícae" corresponds to the plural form of the Latin noun "myríca", the "tamarisk". The word is derived from a verse of the 4th Eclogue by the Latin poet Virgil: "non omnes arbusta iuvant humilesque myricae" ("the groves and the lowly tamarisk delight not all").

Because of the unspectacular humbleness of their appearance, the "myrícae" have survived through the centuries as a poetic image.

Today, the music market is showing a strong tendency towards the homogenization of the range of culture on offer. As a consequence, the works of many composers are hardly performed, even though they hold a significant position in the development of the history of music.

Myricae Classics would like to focus on these rarities, which – similar to the "myricae" plants – would otherwise remain undiscovered, and thus contribute to their historical contextualization.


Italian Piano Music in Cooperation with DeutschlandRadio

The cooperation between DeutschlandRadio Kultur, the Label Myricae Classics and Naxos U.S.A. is supporting Pietro Massa for the realization of several CD-recordings dedicated to the Italian Piano Repertoire.

In 2020, three recordings realized with the Neubrandenburger Philharmonic will be released:

GIUSEPPE MARTUCCI Symphony in d Minor No. 1 and Piano Concerto in D minor Op. 40

OTTORINO RESPIGHI Piano Concerto in A minor (1902) and Toccata for Piano and Orchestra

ALFREDO CASELLA Divertimento "Scarlattiana" (Hommage to Domenico Scarlatti) and Solo PIano Works

Naxos U.S.A. in Cooperation with I-Tunes, MP3-Amazon und Spotify enables the Digital Distribution worldwide.